A mixture of FPS and required in-app purchase

The game Dead Trigger is a platform that utilizes the standard FPS zombie gameplay and in turn presents it on our Android or iOS devices or simply mobile devices. In Dead Trigger 1 we are presented with a very nostalgic or a familiar story that we are used to. Like in most zombies game the world is either ending or ended and we are trying to survive from these creatures that were once our brethren, now because of radiation they have turned to these undead creatures that are cannibal in nature. The story of Dead Trigger apk mod itself is not new and it is so similar to others that can easily forgotten. The game Dead Trigger mainly focusing on the gameplay.

Download Dead Trigger Mod APK

Download Dead Trigger Mod APK

Dead Trigger 2 MOD Download V1.5.5

Dead Trigger Game

Regrettably, the Dead Trigger game mechanics is working, the game itself has been lacking in many sectors. The look of the game depends mostly on the mobile devices, and the graphics of Dead Trigger apkpure is still better than other FPS gameplay. While playing this game we will like the controls of the game are a little, how should I put it, stiff. And even though there is a fixed joystick for moving around, but you still have to touch the screen for aiming and looking around in the game.

Dead Trigger problems

This mechanics is a bit problematic because other buttons like reloading, firing and aiming down are also on the screen and we are mostly likely to press those buttons while trying to move the angle of the camera or screen. At the start of the game we are presented with a assault rifle and are tasked to kill zombies with it, after a while the game takes the rifle form us and forces us with the scheme of in-app purchase and make us buy a pistol instead.

Dead Trigger Apk

Dead Trigger Apk

An extreme example of in-app purchase game is Dead Trigger apk download, this is because if we want to purchase more weapons or high-level weapons we will have to purchase them with money, in different form and different currency. And to purchase this money in the game is even difficult which forces to purchase the product with in-app purchase system. At the end all of this activity leads to making the game less amusing or fun to play with.

Dead Trigger Facebook

All of the above being mentioned and said the game Dead Trigger apk mirror still looks astonishing and the impressive effects of Tegra 3 make the game even more desirable. On the Platform of Android it is one of best visual game. The game Dead Trigger apk download is a good game in itself, but if  your mobile specs are high, we can even enjoy the fine details that are present in the game. In this game it is highly difficult that a player can get lost because there is an aspect of repetition to it.

Dead Trigger Android

Dead Trigger Android

Dead Trigger apk + data

Download Dead Trigger apk + data is a game with very high elements, while that is true the game is frustrating because of the overly priced and over monetization factor that is present in the game.


  • Remarkable graphics
  • Good controls


  • For every difficulty we face in the game we will have to overcome it by engaging in in-app purchases
  • Leveling up in the game requires money or gold
  • Games game-play is unstable


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