Dead Trigger 2 for IOS Android Game Review

As we all have experienced previously that Dead Trigger was quite a unique and interesting game. Dead trigger’s gameplay for the most of it was entertaining and overall look for its time was extraordinary and even today those graphic standards do not fail us. But the overall experience was tarnished because of a lot of obsessive options that could be availed only if we were to purchase them in the game. This in app purchases made a lot of people frustrated because the game could be acquired if we paid for it, but in time the game became free to install, so the complains that were there became fewer in number because now the game was and is free.

Now after Dead Trigger, the developers of Dead Trigger have improved all of the game features and made the game rise to a next level in the form of Dead Trigger 2. The developers of dead trigger 2 have made various changes, one change form the start is that the game is free. With such an amazing deal it will be difficult for players to not want or play the game but let’s see how it will turn out.

Dead Trigger iOS

Dead Trigger iOS

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Dead Trigger 2 APK file information

Title: Dead Trigger 2

Developer: Madfinger games

Platform: iOS / Android

Release date: October 23, 2013/ October 24, 2013

Content rating: 12+/ High Maturity

Size: 321mb/ 252mb

Price: Free

Dead Trigger 2 Download

Dead Trigger 2 Download

Dead Trigger 2 Gameplay

Dead Trigger 2 like Dead Trigger as we all know a first person shooting game with the theme of survival horror. It is similar in theme like you have to kill zombies but now the game is not random as it used to be, now we have a story that is semi balanced. Now we also have modes like career, here we get to play the game progressively from one mission to another, instead of choosing from a map showing multiple missions. Optional missions are also available on the map that can be played but for the optional we have to pay cash.

Madfinger had mentioned that people who play this game is like being in a parallel universe, making it seem like MMORPG, but in my experience playing this game, there is no multiplayer, we are only going to be fighting against the dead zombies.

Dead Trigger 2 has improved itself by adding more areas available to play in, with different and new styles of game play. Some style of Dead Trigger 2 are like shooting zombies while we are in a helicopter, we also get to experience new weapons like a wrench, once we use up all of our ammo we can always depend on the new trusty wrench, another example would be a chicken bomb, a funny addition that has a unique purpose of attracting zombies and then exploding at some point.

Dead Trigger 2 Game

Dead Trigger 2 Game

In Dead Trigger 2 more features are added like a lobby where we are given our own medic that provide us with medical supplies. We get a gunsmith so that we can forge our weapons by putting them together. We receive different gadgets like mines, grenades and chicken bombs form our own engineer. We are also provided with a specific guy who upgrades our weapons. In Dead Trigger 2 we have a personal smuggler whose job is to provide us with various goods like health boosters, money booster and damage booster etc. and in return we have to provide gold for exchange. All these new add-ons are great as compared to its predecessor where we could purchase various items from a store.

Dead Trigger 2 Apk

Dead Trigger 2 Apk

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If we compare the gameplay of Dead Trigger 2 and Dead Trigger the difference is very visible for example the quality etc. As we all have previously experienced in Dead Trigger after some time we felt the repetitiveness of the game for example as we explored the structure of all the rooms were pretty much similar and now In Dead Trigger 2 we can experience less repetition in every scenario, thanks to the new modes and locations presented on the map. Now in Dead Trigger 2 to make things more interesting characters like mini bosses are added so that we don’t get bored with just plain old zombies. And to change the pace a little let us not forget about the helicopter form which we can annihilate the dead zombies. Dead Trigger 2 is made in way so that it is fun to play and we can play for hours and not get bored.

Dead Trigger 2 Android

Dead Trigger 2 Android

Many interesting changes have been made in the game, one of them worthy of mentioning is the mode for auto firing. Now when ever we aim towards a zombie and the crosshair is near a zombie the game will automatically fire. This auto firing feature makes the game play very easy to be played on phone. This auto fire feature is like a double edge sword because it also means that we will lose a lot of ammo that otherwise could be used wisely. But the developers had thought of this before hand and added the disabling feature in the settings so we can shoot manually as well should we chose to do so. Also amazing news for both iOS and Android users, this game fully supports the use of a controller, but we still have to see the proclamation an official controller for iOS.

Now we don’t have to worry about our data being lost as we can backup our data using our Madfinger account. This way we can access our progress on any of our devices. And more amazingly these accounts can be both used on iOS and Androids and can switch between these devices so we are always synced all the time.

Dead Trigger 3

Dead Trigger 3

Games I like to enjoy playing are those that doesn’t force me to complete a mission with in app purchases. In Dead Trigger there were a lot of in app purchases and that took a lot of the fun out of the game for us. Now in Dead Trigger 2 we don’t have to worry about it we can still finish the game and enjoy it without the in app purchases, although we still have that feature if we want to. And in app purchases in Dead Trigger 2 are like adding to the experience of the game.

On both iOS and android versions we are still facing few bugs, glitches like pressing a button that was not present on the screen. Only restarting the device would fix the problem. A glitch from the previous game has been brought over like the character would randomly turn if moved suddenly to some where else because the game wouldn’t recognize the input on the touch screen. The password keeps entering into the username on the login of iOS systems. And they would usually get fixed after it was restarted.

Dead Trigger 2 Online 

Dead Trigger 2 Graphic and sound

Dead Trigger was a good game but Dead Trigger2 is an even better one. Madfinger games are changing the world for mobile games and Dead trigger 2 is just that good to play. I have tired and played the game on android where we will be presented with two graphic settings high or low. On High settings the game was running smoothly even though I was playing it on my Samsung Note 4. Low settings took some of the effects of the game but over all the game still looked good. First I was playing on the low settings which was good but my friend pointed out that I could also play with the high settings which I enjoyed thoroughly later on. In iOS there didn’t seem to be this feature as it automatically adjust to the device specs.

In terms of words there is nothing much to say. Almost all the zombies sound the same, the only difference is the voice of male and female. The sound of the gun is authentic but the sound of explosives is not that realistic and can be improved. The positioning system for the sound is not that great, we can’t where the zombie is coming from. Music playing in the lobby is good. The sound of shooting the zombie and collecting the ammo becomes old fast.

Dead Trigger 2 Online

Dead Trigger 2 Online


It is difficult to review a game that in nature is free, even when the is not that great we still can’t complain that much. But in case of Dead Trigger 2 the scenario is different and it is a very fun and enjoyable game. And the looks of the game are even more amazing. And that it is a free game makes it even more interesting. If you like killing zombies for fun than you should most definitely download this game as you can play this game anywhere. It is a light game that will entertain you for many hours.




Stunning visuals, improved gameplay over Dead Trigger


Initial release had a few bugs

Dead Trigger 2 was reviewed on iPad and Samsung Note 4